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Heng Lee Bang Bang Char Koay Teow Sauce

Heng Lee Bang Bang Char Koay Teow Sauce

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Char Koay Teow is a signature street food of Penang and we would like everyone to have a chance to taste it even if you are not a Penangites and you have no time to visit Penang. Just bring home a bottle of Bang Bang Char Koay Teow Sauce introduced by us!!

Everyone can be a professional Char Koay Teow Sifu!!

Fried your koay teow with the ingredients you love and add some of our specially made Char Koay Teow sauce, you’ll be impressed of yourself with the cooking!!

It is not only can be used to fried koay teow, you may also use it for fried rice, fried mee, fried bee hoon and even stir-fried chicken, meat and vegetables….

Surprise your family with your great cooking skills!! 



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